About Me


This is me.


My name is Kim and I am the creator behind “just over the mountains”.

I am passionate about traveling, only slightly obsessed with animals, and just love being outside, surrounded by nature. I grew up as a camp kid (Girl Scout Camp, to be exact) and am accustomed to spending all summer long outside under the sun. I am also completely and totally fascinated by mountains, hence the name of my site.

I dream of building a successful career in nonprofits and NGOs, helping the world one day at a time. Someone once told me she discovered that the best way to make a difference is to plant some seeds. She didn’t mean literally (although that is a great thing to do too). She discovered that trying to make a difference on a large scale isn’t always sustainable; but making a bunch of small differences can end up surviving generations and creating decades of change.

I don’t know what will happen in this crazy life or where I will end up next. But I do know that it will be great.

So here’s to a life full of adventures, love, hope, happiness, and helping make the world a little bit brighter.